my cunt, or “none of your beeswax”

trigger warning: talks a lot about genitals, and a little about gendered violence so if you’re squeamish you ought to read something else…

as trans women so much about our bodies is rendered public property (have you had the surgery? what surgeon did you go to? the surgery the surgery the surgery!) and so little about us is allowed to be ours. many of us who must choose general nondisclosure for survival know well how differently people react toward many things about your body when you’ve disclosed being trans.

it’s the age-old tool of patriarchal body policing of women (her ass is just too big for those shorts! oh god her breasts are uneven! why are her eyes puffy?) with an exciting new opportunity to micromanage your genitals. the worst part is that sometimes knowing someone’s operative status leads to lots of questions (who cares how deep it is?) and the reprehensible suggestion that someone having surgery makes them a “real man” or a “real woman” and all that rot. i feel reduced by much of this to being 90% cunt, 10% Erica, and i don’t like that.

i say we need to stop…because in the end, that’s all patriarchal society reduces women to. (you’re a cunt!)

when we give in to the pressure to let genitals define us, we give in to patriarchal society. it’s time to stop genital policing. do it for our trans sisters, brothers, and siblings who can’t afford/haven’t been funded for/can’t have/don’t want/aren’t comfortable with genital surgery. do it for people who have had genital surgery and deserve something better than to be badgered about it. do it for people who had genital surgery but consider it an imperfect solution. do it for our cis allies (and even not-allies) who have a crotch that isn’t exactly what they want in life, whether because of genital mutilation or because of injury…a surprising number of burn victims, generally women, have damage in places where the sun don’t shine. do it because it’s your body and you deserve to be treated as a whole person no matter what’s in your unders and so does everyone else regardless of their gender, gender identity, or what have you. but do it to affirm that nobody’s body should be public property. 


One Comment to “my cunt, or “none of your beeswax””

  1. Not to mention a certain group of self-declared “feminists” (in addition to their “gender atheist” cross identity) who love to reduce womanhood to having the patriarchy-approved genital configuration.

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