Tip Jar

dear readers:

it is after much deliberation and a slightly frightening number of hits that i’ve decided to add a tip jar to my site.

why? because blogging ain’t easy and some people have indicated interest in supporting my work. Because coffee isn’t free, and if you’ve ever seen me without coffee you know i am an Erica of Mass Destruction (that’s an EMD, not EPMD.) and yeah, because i don’t come from much and the perils of living in a neo-liberal empire in decline ain’t cheap.

i have held out for a while, mostly out of fear my blog will be assumed to be some big heinous money grab. i don’t want that, but i will be honest that sometimes being able to afford a beer or two gets me writing, and that sometimes it’s nice to have a random nice thing or two.

if you can’t give, i am still thankful for your readership, no matter what.
if you can give, i am thankful for whatever it is you can spare.
if you’re not sure if you can give, you probably can’t, so worry about making sure you’re okay first.

Tip Jar (via PayPal)


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